Ruby Red Beef

The Tregullow herd follows a long history of the Williams family in rearing the famous Red Devon cattle, known as the Ruby Red.

Cornwall provides some of the best conditions in the British Isles for producing fine beef. The gentle climate and the rich grassland provide a perfect environment for animals to grow. Tregullow is a modest sized herd and we take pride in ensuring that they have a stress free existence, living only on the most natural food… pure Cornish grass.

Beef is available in different forms. For the home we recommend the 20 kilo box containing all that you need in different cuts from sirloin to mince. For the trade buyer such as the restaurant or the high quality butcher’s shop, we can provide whole sides of succulent meat.

The Herd

The Williams family have been associated with Ruby Red beef over several generations. Over the years we have learned the best way to prepare animals to provide perfect beef. We are a top pure pedigree herd, actively participating with the Devon Cattle Breeders Society to ensure that the quality of the Ruby Red breed is maintained and improved.

Everything that we have is bred at Tregullow. The young calves stay with their mothers for the first 10 months of their lives ensuring that they get the best possible start from the rich milk that the Devon breed provides. They are not ‘finished’ in the way that commercial herds do...

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The Meat

We ensure that the preparation of the meat has the same care as we take with the breeding and rearing of our cattle. Tender and well textured beef comes from a life without stress. The final journey is just a few minutes to our local abattoir, so that we minimise the chance of any possible distress from travel.

A 28 day maturing period (about three times as long as the supermarkets) ensures that the meat has tenderness and flavour but also maintains the necessary fat content to help in the marbling.

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